DevCon 2016 - What would you do?

Discussion created by paulapalooza on Apr 19, 2016
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I am in the middle of building a set of solutions where I work, and I'd really like to attend DevCon to learn as much as I can because I'm only an intermediate level developer. I work for a small company that probably isn't going to be able to afford to send me to DevCon 2016 ... same as 2015 ... and 2014.


I was thinking of selling my car and just attending Training Day and then going home after that. I drive an old beater Honda but I'm sure I can get enough for it to pay for the trip to Las Vegas and a hotel room and $200 for Training Day. Now I'm trying to decide if I should do the Intermediate or Advanced track. I'd like to learn the Advanced stuff, but I'm thinking the Intermediate track will strengthen the skills I have and fill in some gaps.


Which track would you take, and why? I just want to be sure to get my money's worth and come back with as much useful knowledge as possible. All responses appreciated! Thanks much for taking the time to read this.