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Why datafile authentication error with SendMail in UI-file?

Question asked by wfgclapp on Apr 19, 2016

This isn't really causing a problem per se but it's weird and bugging me. Plus, it means there's something about Data Separation model I clearly don't understand.


I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on this.


So I have a datafile and a ui-file. The datafile is a Data Source to the ui-file.


I have a Startup script running as trigger OnFirstWindowOpen in the ui-file.


The first thing the Startup scrip does is run another script in the ui-file, via PSOS. This second script does nothing but run a SendMail script step using SMTP, then returns back to the Startup script.


That's it.


The weird part is that when this SendMail script runs, I get a Warning 661 email from the FMS14 saying that "...Filemaker Client "AdHoc Email - admin 62 (windows machine name [127.x.x.x]" authentication failed on database datafile.fmp12 using "username [fmapp]"


The actual email itself gets sent just fine. But I get this Warning every time.


"AdHoc Email" is the name of the script containing the SendMail script step.


The user has Full Access to both the datafile and the ui-file and uses same password in both files.


At this point, why is there authentication to the datafile? And why by the "AdHoc Email" script as client? And why would it fail since the user exists in the datafile's security settings?


As I said, the email still sends fine and, far as I can tell, this doesn't really hurt anything. But I'd love to stop the unnecessary emails.


Anyone understand this?



Martin Clapp