Run with full access - script not returning all records

Discussion created by nickausaus on Apr 19, 2016
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Hi all

I have read through some related discussions and the post on FM's website informing of an issue with 'Run with full access' scripts if a custom dialog is not opened first.

When running a script that is set to run with Full Access, Get (CurrentPrivilegeSetName) always returns limited access i…

In my situation, users want to archive data (basically by setting a flag in several tables by script), but for certain searches we need 'Perform Find' to include records which have been excluded from the Privilege set by [Table]->View = limited -> Archive Flag <> True.


I've considered several options including:

1. Prompt for login to account with higher privileges (pretty clunky and not popular with customer)

2. Auto login to another account with full access to the given tables (not popular with me due to security etc.)

3. Ask users to perform this action under a second account (very unpopular with customer!)


I would greatly appreciate if anyone has come across this issue and has any suggestions.


I should say the first part of this approach which effectively hides the 'archived' records works very well. My only issue is when I want to look back to these records as seamlessly as possible.


Thanks in advance all.