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    Virtualising FMServer


      It is becoming increasingly clear that I need to have 2 FileMaker servers for developing, 1 production and 1 testing. I like new versions to bed in before I am confident in upgrading my clients, and also need to become familiar with any new features that may be included, but it is not sensible to upgrade my production FMS on OSX.

      Also with the lack of Mac hardware since the removal of quad core cpus in the Mini I feel I should become much more familiar with Windows as a server platform.

      It has been suggested that an HP microserver with virtualisation (possibly with a Sinology NAS) maybe a good way to go, but on looking at the spec of the micro server I am not confident that it would have enough processor performance to run 1 let alone 2 VMs running FMS.


      I want my FMS hardware to give me a realistic idea of performance once solutions are deployed on clients sites and so am quite happy with a slight under-specced server, but do not want to be replacing it every couple of years.


      Anyone have any suggestions on sensible VM options for FMS?





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          Interesting - appear to be a number of people interested in this but no one with any experience. In it's own way that answers the question!

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            I think the question is too generic; I couldn't come up with a good answer for it.


            Not knowing anything about your solution, it's design, what users typically do, any current performance stats from the actual deployment: not enough to go on.

            Also: you haven't posted the specs of your current server, info about how it behaves, nor the specs of the HP box.

            So all in all: kinda hard to give any recommendations.


            I have 3 physical dev servers running in my office and 4 or 5 virtual ones.  But I don't try to replicate the specs of some of my clients (some of them have 24+ core servers) because I could never generate the same load anyway.


            One thing to note: a NAS is never a good idea for anything FileMaker: don't put your live files or live backups on it.

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              Thanks Wim,


              sorry for not being clear - the question was supposed to be generic i that I hoped it might promote a discussion and give others ideas.


              For clarity though my server is a 2012 Mac Mini, 16Gb Ram, 2.3GHz i7, 4 cores. External RAID5 on thunderbolt.  I am an independent developer creating solutions for clients from 2 users upwards in all sorts of different industries. My reasons for not wanting a high performance server are for the reason you state more clearly - I will never be able to recreate their load and so want to be developing on a lower performing hardware.


              Microservers appear to have no option for a cpu with more than 2 cores, max i can find is a Xeon E3 @ 2.3GZ


              Also i should have been more clear on the NAS, the suggestion was that it should be connected with iSCSI, completely agree that a NAS in normal configuration is not a good idea for anything FileMaker except as a destination for a copy of a backup.