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Invisible dialog boxes in Filemaker

Question asked by Ashlin on Apr 19, 2016

FMP 14.0.5 Windows 10 64 bit


Recently I had trouble in the script workspace. I could not alter parameters in the "Show custom dialog step", i.e. the dialog box would popup but would be invisible so could not edit.


I reinstalled windows as it is a computer specific problem and voila it worked again.


Except now I cannot set script triggers on layout objects. Again, it appears (or not) as if the dialog box is coming to the foreground but I cannot see it.


Something in my PC is corrupting Filemaker but I don't know what.


Starting in Safe mode, disabling antivirus etc etc. don't work. I don't want to resort to uninstalling programs one by one. I suspect whatever software has hurt filemaker has already done the damage and uninstalling won't solve the problem.

What could it be?