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    get(activerownumber) problem


      I have a drop-down field within records presented in a portal. To 'ID' the record that is active and thereby locate its uuID I'm using get(activerownumber) to set a variable ($row) at the beginning of a script then setting 'go to portal row' by that variable.


      If I have $row, how doI use this to either get or set info from fields in the actual record to which the row pertains?

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          This is to ensure you are in the correct portal row. What does the data viewer show for get(activerownumber) while the script is running?


          If it is staying in the correct row you are good. Once you are in the correct row you can move around in the row by using field names and object names. The portal row will be your reference point.


          Use the data viewer. It is a very useful tool. Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName) will also be useful in the data viewer.

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            If this is related to your other topic I have added an example file in the original post. Your assumption that you setup the Pop-Drop properly may have led you to believe something was wrong with the portal row reference and navigation. It is not actually needed since you stay in one active portal the entire time.