Copy and paste rotated objects not working

Discussion created by LeighMoore on Apr 19, 2016
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We have recently upgraded from Filemaker 9 Pro to Filemaker 14 Pro and we are experiencing major problems using the Drawing Tools in Filemaker 14 Pro. In Filemaker 9 Pro, we had no problem using the drawing tools.


We use the layout drawing tools A LOT to draw diagrams for the products we manufacture for every order we have. Every product is manufactured to our customers specification, and therefore, we draw the product specifications so that the factory has a visual reference of what they need to manufacture.


In Filemaker 14 Pro, we are having problems copying and pasting the drawings in to a Container field. Some of the drawing elements copy across but some do not. Some elements are not in the correct place and appear cropped. After an exhaustive troubleshooting process to try and determine the cause, I have discovered that Shapes and Text rotated to the 90, 180 and 270 positions do not copy and paste correctly. It appears that the canvas in the copy buffer has been sized to allow for the space of the entire copied diagram but the rotated Shapes and Text do not render or render incorrectly.


To reproduce, please follow this procedure:


  1. Create a new layout.
  2. Draw Shapes, Lines and Text in the layout.
  3. Rotate some Shapes and Text.
  4. In Layout Mode, copy the Shapes, Lines and Text.
  5. Paste into a Container field.


All of the Lines regardless of rotation and unrotated Shapes and Text will render in the Container. Sometimes, rotated shapes will partially render, they look like they have been cropped and have been repositioned. If you copy and paste a single rotated Shape into the Container field it will not render at all. I have also tried to paste into a Microsoft Word document and into a new email using Microsoft Outlook with the same result.


In our business, we have drawn commonly used Design Elements and stored those Design Elements into a Symbol Library that we have created. We copy, paste and rotate these Design Elements into our drawings so that we can communicate visually to our factory what they need to manufacture. Since the rotated Shape objects no longer render correctly, it means that for the majority of our drawings we are not able to communicate to our factory what we need them to manufacture.

Now takes our sales team a lot longer to produce the drawings since they need redraw every element that they need by hand and can not use the Symbol Library that we have created until we either create an entire Symbol Library or Filemaker fixes this issue.


Please reference the attached Filemaker Database and screenshots for an example of the problem.