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Windows Server offsite backups options

Question asked by CarlSchwarz on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by sebastijan

I have some small filemaker files on a virtual server (2012 R2) and I want to back them up offsite.

Does anyone have good ideas how to do this?


This is what I have tried:

I don't need to backup the whole server so I haven't paid for that service from the VPS provider - plus I want a truly offsite backup incase e.g. the VPS provider locks out my account or something similar.  The files are also small so I can use a free service like dropbox, one drive, google drive.

So I tried to set up the following

1) Added an FMS schedule to make a single backup (no need for 7 offsite backups)

2) Downloaded dropbox

3) Attempted to create a script to copy the backup folder to the dropbox folder.  This didn't work!! xcopy and robocopy both made an identical folder instead of copying into the dropbox folder!!!  E.g. I setup the sync folder E:/Dropbox, xcopy would then create another E:/Dropbox folder... So I did what is not recommended and made filemaker backup directly into the dropbox folder and this works!

4) Then the last problem... the dropbox sync application doesn't run as a service, i.e. the administrator has to be logged in for the sync to work.


Is there a backup service that is free that will run as a service in Windows?