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    Find in Portal / Filter




      I am trying to find a way to search for records in a portal based on data entered in global fields.  However, I want it to be on any combination of data fields used.


      I have two tables, Main Menu and Clients.  I am using a layout based on the Main Menu with a portal for Clients.  The Main Menu table has three global fields, Last Name, First Name, DOB.


      The problem being searching for a client may be based on any one or all of those fields.  I would like it to work off of any one field completed or all, to account for incorrect data initially being recorded.  (misspelled names, wrong DOB, etc.)  Initially I had a fourth calculation field, which was a combo of all of the three fields, (first three letters of last name, first three letters of first name, and first two and last two digits of DOB).  But if any of this info is different from data entered it doesn't work.


      Is there a way to search by all or only one of the three fields?  I forgot to mention that I have a relationship built at the moment based on the combo field mentioned above in each table.

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          You really want to have relationships based on proper key fields with a UUID.


          It sounds like you can do this with some dynamic portal filtering rather than a find.

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            I've found a custom function that works with portal filtering quite well, you specify your filter field and a list of all the fields you want to filter against. It works pretty well. I forget where I found it, but if I can put a quick example together I'll post it. It likely won't be for a day or two though.

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              I currently don't have it doing a find.  I have a relationship set up between the two tables, global fields on the Menu table related to the fields on the client table.  On the layout those global fields are there and when you type info into the three fields it brings up the record.  The problem is it needs all of the fields completed to find matches, where I'm looking to find based on one, two or three of them completed to allow for more results/checking other possibilities based on imporoper data entry.

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                I'd really appreciate that David, thank you.  Sounds like what I'm looking for.

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                  Hi Annette,


                  Turns out it won't take a day or two. I'm sitting in a hospital waiting room for a family member and it turns out FileMaker is a welcome distraction. This was easier to concentrate on than real work.


                  The CF was from the Scarpetta Group. The technique consists of...


                  1 custom function

                  1 script

                  1 named portal that is filtered

                  1 script trigger, on your search field


                  The file has 5000 records in it. It only filters on first and last names in the example, you can add more in the portal filter setup. The larger the record set and the more fields you filter on the slower it will get. I seem to recall it has issues with mixed text and number fields (like an address or zip/postal code).


                  I've been using it on portals with about 300 records and 5 or 6 filterable fields. The performance is fine with that.


                  Hope it helps.


                  David Zakary

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                    Thank you SOOO much!  Exactly what I needed!


                    By the by....I hope your family member is ok!!