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    Simple Q: how to create charts by specific date?


      Hi all,


      New business owner and attempting to build a database with it. I’ve exhausted YouTube/online docs before registering here so I apologize if this is a simple question for the veterans.


      I’ve got 300+ records and I’m trying to generate charts from the data. I can create charts of the total database, but can’t work out how to limit to a particular date range (one day or one week).


      For example I can chart the number of reports different publishers have made overall, but I’m interested in narrowing it down to numbers of reports those publishers make per day.


      One of my record fields is ‘Date Published’ which opens a drop down menu to select the date, so the criteria exists within the dataset. 


      So far I have not attempted any scripts or relationships, but would be willing to learn if this will help move forwards.


      Any help would be genuinely appreciated, I’ve spent hours trying to do this.



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          Have you tried using global fields to control the dates in the chart?

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            Thanks for your reply Tom, I did try playing around with that following your response, but couldn't drum up any results.


            Here's a picture to demonstrate what I'm trying to do.


            Basically chart the info highlighted in orange on a chart layout that I can change by date published (single date or range) in red.


            There's nothing fancy going on in my set up, it's just 300 entries of data.


            I know it's an issue of my knowledge of sorting/scripts/relationships rather than functionality, if someone could point out how to do this for me it would be a great jumping off point so I can start learning how to graph other pieces of data.