2011's version of filemaker question

Discussion created by jbenack on Apr 21, 2016
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I was told to post here since filemaker 2011 is no longer supported by filemaker.  Can anyone help to answer my question below?

We have filemaker pro 2011's version. I am new to the company and had no training on this program however they wanted me to input an excel spreadsheet I made into filemaker pro so that filemaker pro would automatically update the information into the spreadsheet. I was able to youtube a video to figure out how to get the spreadsheet into filemaker pro, however my spreadsheet only has labels for columns and rows, no actual data. As I said they told me there was a way that the spreadsheet could automatically update from the information already in filemaker so we wouldn't spend hours constantly updating this spreadsheet. Is this possible or do I need to explain better what we are needing. Please any help would be much appreciated.