List View / Crosstab Report Issue

Discussion created by KrisYells on Apr 23, 2016
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I need a list view to report (crosstab) on events.


Parent table = Property Id numbers

Child table = Events tracked by Values from a Value list. (Survey Ordered, Survey Complete, Documents Ordered, Documents Received)

The events are tracked by the event name, date, individual name and comments


Events are entered via portal on the Parent table. The Parent and Child table are matched by the property ID.


When I pull the list view from the child table it gives me the event and omits the ID's from the parent table that do not yet have an event. I need all ID's listed so we can easily see what is remaining.


When I pull the list from the parent table it gives me all ID's and only shows the first logged event for each ID. I might have 3-5 events logged and I only get the first one entered into Filemaker.


I need the list to show all properties ID's and all events logged for those ID's. I don't think my issue the building of the crosstab or defining the headers and body.


Can anyone help?