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    Portal Display Filtering


      I have a portal to a resources table that I want to only display the records that are related to current table records.  Is there a way to do that on loading the layout and on going to the next or previous records in the current table? 

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          if your portal shows child records then navigating through the parent records will show only those children related to the parent.

          If its not doing that then you may have an improperly set up relationship OR the portal is set up wrong.

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            Maybe I misunderstood, but a portal by definition does display related records – usually related (only) to the current record of the layout table (occurrence).


            Or do you want to see all related records for all layout records?

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              I just want to see the record in the portal related to the current table record.  Not all related records.

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                You said you already have a portal in place.

                What is it showing now – and are there any related records?

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                  This wish scared the crow out of me.

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                    It does.  As the record changes it does not change the portal information.

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                      Well; a portal shows what you have defined it to show; by the design of the relationship.

                      A subset can be generated by adding a portal filter.

                      What is the relationship?

                      You're going to need to describe that.

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                        ok So the current Table and the portal share two id keys.  So in the current table it shows the first record and the portal shows the correct information in relation to the current table.  When I advance either by FileMaker arrow or by the navigation I created to show the next record in the current table.  The portal does not advance to the next record.  Is there a way to get it to do that.

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                          What you describe is how a portal behaves.  You don't need to do anything to get that functionality.


                          Let's say you're looking at a Contacts record and it has related Address records.  Each record in the Contacts table has a unique ID field.  Each record in Address table has a ContactID_Match field.  You do an = relationship between Contacts::ContactID and Address::ContactID_Match.  Your Contacts layout includes an Address portal showing this relationship.  As you flip through Contacts, the Address portal is updated to reflect the current Contact record's child Address records.

                          I suspect there is something wrong in one of the following places:

                          1. Your relationship.  Make sure you have matched the correct fields in the two tables and that you are doing a simple = match.

                          2. Field definitions.  Make sure your parent table's ID field is a unique value (ie: serial number).  Make sure both fields are NOT global.

                          3. The portal.  Make sure you have the correct relationship selected and that the field(s) in the portal are also the correct relationship.  Let's say you have two instances of the Address table on your graph.  One is just called Address.  The other is called Contact_Address.  Your Contact table is related to Contact_Address.  The fields in your portal must be from the Contact_Address instance, NOT the Address instance.  FM should prevent you from selecting unrelated fields...but just in case you copied the portal from another layout or something, I would check this too.

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                            Your explanation is difficult to follow.

                            "portal shows the correct information in relation to the current table."


                            It shows the correct information in relation to the current RECORD?

                            You really need to provide a clone of the file; or a picture of the relationship graph; or screen shot of some of the relationship definitions. It seems possible, for instance, that you are using a cartesian operator ( X ) in the relationship definition.


                            But this business of providing no detail and just saying, you have a relationship; but it doesn't work....

                            We can't do anything with that.