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    FMS 14 Windows or OS X?


      I am about to install FileMaker Server 14. What operating system is suggested: Windows Server or OS X , and why?

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          That's a loaded question, and will likely draw some flame.


          There IS no best / suggested OS.  Pick the OS that the people that will have to support it will be the most familiar with.  That is worth a lot more than the up-front cost in licensing and hardware.  Ultimately the solution will be scored on its performance and uptime.


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            I deal with FMS 14 on Windows and Mac on a daily basis and I haven't come across a situation where I thought, "I wish the other one were more like this one".

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              MAC, so you can leverage the command line to do amazing things

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                Vincent_L wrote:


                MAC, so you can leverage the command line to do amazing things


                Ahem, this was exactly the kind of remark that I dreaded this question would attract...


                Let me first state that I am platform agnostic.  And have demonstrated that in 15+ years of Devcon presentations.

                Having said that: there is nothing in the OSX command line that I can not do in the Windows PowerShell command line.


                So let's all agree to lay off on the Mac vs. Windows personal preferences?

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                  Does Windows now have a color picker that's anywhere near as capable as the one on the Mac? Does Windows now handle all the graphic file formats that the Mac does in containers? Do you not have to install CPU-sucking anti-malware stuff on Windows any more? I just downloaded Win 10. Is it getting any better?

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                    OP was asking about FileMaker Server. I should clarify that between the Windows version and the Mac version of FileMaker Server Admin Console, I've never felt that one was "better" than the other. And I usually leave maintenance of the machine itself up to those who are better suited to the task.


                    Now, regarding my personal choice for an operating system for development -- another matter entirely.


                    (backs out of conversation slowly)

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                      Yeah, missed that. Sorry. That leaves one answer: Windows. Apple doesn't make ANY hardware that is a decent server, and FMI has not seen fit to build a Linux FMS. That leaves certain versions of Windows and some really great hardware choices. As an Apple partisan, it breaks my heart. Still using Xserves myself, but I can't really recommend that to a client.

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                        That just makes me chuckle. Oh, how we Macolytes used to denigrate DOS back in the day. ("Friends don't let friends do DOS.") But now we all use a command line to some extent or other, no matter what OS we use. Oh, the irony.

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                          I agree. Mac's have the better OS as far as ease of use and maintenance but Windows has FAR better hardware.  I am a Mac person but for all my larger installs I always go with Windows because of the hardware even though I hate the OS. It depends on  your environment but I don't think an iMac or Mac mini qualify as "servers" even they work just fine to host FileMaker databases. You should always be on a RAID imho for your server which you can only do using an external one on Macs.