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SetField or Script?  Why is your way better?

Question asked by ninja on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by thetasphere.fba

I'm trying to click a button, consider the surrounding data, and set a field to a value based on that consideration.


Two ways to go:

Put the logic in the script

If (Status = Open)

  SetField (Action ; "pursue")


If (Status = "Closed" and Date < Get(CurrentDate))

    SetField( Action ; "Closed Early")

EndIf.......etc, etc.


Put the logic in the SetField step

Case (

Status = open ; "Pursue" ;

Status = closed and Date < Get(CurrentDate) ; "closed early" ; ....etc.


Both work fine, both are simple...which way do you typically use...and why?

- Speed?

- Multi-programmer environment for clarity?

- Sheer preference?

- keeping open the option for Get(ScriptParamater) ?

- Other?