Field labels within the field itself

Discussion created by RyanAshton on Apr 22, 2016
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Hi guys,


Time for a bit of help with this one:


To save space on my layout, I want to exclude field labels, but as you can see below it becomes difficult to know what the fields are.  So I would like the labels to appear (like they do in layout mode) within the field and as soon as you click in the field, the label disappears and you type the actual value into the field.


For instance, in the "NEW PRODUCT/SERVICE" layout below, there is the "Name" field and I when I click into the field or tab into the field, I want "Name" to disappear and I can type "Loudspeakers" as the Name of the Product/Service.


Is this at all possible?


Screenshot 2016-04-22 16.12.04.png


Screenshot 2016-04-22 16.12.09.png