FMGo Script Triggers stop working. Require iPad restart

Discussion created by ScottBleackley on Apr 23, 2016
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Restarting the iPad, not just FMGo appears to resolve this issue.

It would be very nice if it did not appear in the first place.

Hate to tell a large client base that FMGo just acts up sometimes.

This iPad has been restarted many times since the last update so not just update issue.

Filemaker Advanced Pro 14.0.5 ( current ) works fine

FMGo 14.0.4 ( current )  has script trigger issues


I am using OnRecordLoad the script trigged by this is need Check Layout
FMGo tested with default admin login and data entry only on both platforms.
Issues remain.


I am finding other issues with other script triggers in other FM projects
that work on OS X 10.11.14 Filemaker Advanced Pro 14.0.5 and do not work on iOS 9.3.1 FMGo 14.0.4, yikes!

see more detail in this discussion:Re: FMGo Layout Trigger OnRecordChange Not Working, Why?


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rgordonFunction Phenom

Filemaker Go has memory management problems so restarting the iPad/iPhone will correct these problems for awhile until it needs restarted again.  It's also a good idea to close all filemaker file before doing this or before swiping up to kill the app.  This will clear out your temp folder. If any files are open the temp folder will not clear.