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    Show/Hide Image in portal row


      Hi, I'm using FM14.  I would like to place an image in a portal row and only have it show when the user has clicked that particular row.  I've tried the hide when using not active portal row, and while it hides when no portal is selected, it shows in all rows when i select one row.  Am I missing something really obvious or am I going to have multiple steps to get this to work?

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          As a workaround until I've found out if there is a basic/simple way to do this I have placed a hidden button on the row which sets a variable or the PK.  And I'm hiding the image if the variable does not match the PK.  It's working but still wondering if I'm missing a one step command.

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            In the portal table, create an unstored calc field, say, cGetRecNum, with the expression


            Get ( RecordNumber )


            Create a script with just Refresh Window (try Refresh Object or Refresh Portal, if your FM version has these commands).


            Add an OnObjectEnter script trigger to the portal and attach the Refresh script.


            The Hide if calculation is


            PortalTable::cGetRecNum ≠ Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber )

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              Thanks for that.  That's another variation of what I've done using the Variable.  I just thought with all the newer features in FM 14 there may have been a one line command.