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Hi all,

I built a little dashboard for one of mine customer that download data from FileMaker Server and shows the income for every store.


list.jpg detail.jpg


This is the third time that I submit the app to the App Review and I have passed all tests every time (actually I'm in Test Flight).


I have a big problem with the update procedure.


I changed the version to every update 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3 but when I update my solution, the app remains in the previous version.

Every version is shipped with a series of data in bundle (new records, new or updated tables, new fileds).


I need to remove completely the app and re-install from the App Store to obtain the new version with the new feature and bug fix.


Whats wrong?


In iOS SDK guide there is this notice:


"If your updated solution file has a versioned file name (example: “MyFile.01.fmp12” and “MyFile.02.fmp12”) the new version of the file will be uploaded to your iOS device, but any local record or local global data changes will remain in the previous version of the solution file within the .ipa file on the device. The iOS App SDK does not provide any automatic way to transfer this data between the two versions contained within the .ipa file."


Ok, is not my case. Every version is a fresh installation with a new set, new interface features and data in bundle.



"By default, the first time you launch your app, the solution files for your app are copied to the Documents directory on the iOS device. If you update your app and the alwaysOverwrite option in configFile.txt is set to 0 (zero) or the option is not specified, files are copied to the Documents directory only the first time the app is launched or whenever the app's version string changes."


If I set: alwaysOverwrite=1, yes, the app replaces the content every time the app is launched, but in this case, the previously downloaded data are deleted.

What I need to do, to update my app (interface and functions) and use locally data downloaded and shipped with every update?