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Odd credentials problem

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Apr 22, 2016
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     I'm experiencing a new situation. My solution is hosted on FMS. I'm running FMPA on a MacPro and a MacBook Pro. As well, FMGo on an iPad. All machines are running the latest OS. All of a sudden, on the desktop machine, I'm being prompted for credentials. Not only that but when I enter the name and password (they're correct) FMPA tells me they're incorrect. I know the problem isn't with the files since they can be opened from the laptop with identical credentials. The KeyChain creds are identical on each machine. Another oddity, again on the desktop, is that FMPA will decline the credentials but occasionally open the file anyway. I've reinstalled FMPA on the desktop machine to no avail. As well, if I open the files, again, from the desktop machine, with an older version of FMPA everything works fine.