Mac mini vs Mac Pro Server

Discussion created by jpbuos on Apr 22, 2016
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We are currently running FileMaker 14 Server with WebDirect. We were running on 2 Mac Minis bought in 2013 and 2014 with 8GB of memory each. We are now running on 1 MacPro 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5. 32GB memory. 1TB Flash Storage. We run a lot of server side scripts. The script speeds are at least twice as fast. Importing a pic folder from a client machine is 4 or 5 times faster. Still have a memory leaking problem so have to restart every week or 2. We have over 93,000 employee clock in records. Over 22,000 work order records. Over 87,000 pictures. Over 65,000 events. Over 15,000 invoices. Over 34,000 parts used. There are also many other tables used with less records. Getting the Mac Pro was the best thing we've done for our database. By reading many forums on the subject I was convinced the 2 Minis would be plenty. It did work but the Mini running the main server got very hot. Restarts took forever.


We are on an Island with poor cell service. We have about 30 iphones running FileMakerGo that employees use to track their time for billing in housekeeping, maintenance, pool service, landscaping, trash service, golf cart service, construction, shipping and guest services. It's a separate app made for the iphone that imports work orders and events, then clocks in and out of jobs with descriptions of service done with pictures. After each clock out the phone exports excel sheets via email to 1 of 30 different folders (One for each phone) sending one for clocks, one for parts used and one for pics. Every 30 minutes these documents are imported into filemaker via server side scripts. I taught myself to use FileMaker by googling problems as I built these solutions. I'm sure FileMaker is the only program that could make all this possible.


All the home owners of the houses we manage with these services can login their web browser via WebDirect to see any work orders, events or clocks related to their account. They can also enter a maintenance request from their owner dashboard. Guests renting the homes can browse to a guest page and enter a maintenance request as well.