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A simple relationship is not working

Question asked by jonasmn on Apr 23, 2016
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I have a one-to-many relationship, standard stuff. Se the relationship below (the blue outlined tables):


Simple relationship not working.png

All the other four relationships that are set up EXACTLY in the same way, ARE WORKING! But this fifth one is not working. In the layout for the table "treatment_Z_PREPARATIONSTOTREATMENT" the values from the table "treatment_z_preparationstotreatment_PREPARATION" are not show, even though the records are holding information and the IDf_Preparation has a valid ID that is pointing to a valid ID_Preparation.


Is there some "hidden" setting somewhere that i do not know about that is missing things up? I am totally stuck, since this is just a repetition of the other relationships.




Jonas Möller Nielsen