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How do I make a layout that works with many to many relationship?

Question asked by jonasmn on Apr 21, 2016
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I want to create a many-to-many relationship where I can handle everything from one layout (if possible). A short description: there are different greenhouses where plants are produced in batches. The batches get different chemical and biological treatments during the production time. One treatment can be applied to several batches at the same time. For quality reasons and for legislation reasons, the grower needs to keep precise track on each treatment.


For this I have three tables:

1) Batch - with corresponding layout

2) BatchesToTreat

3) Treatment - with corresponding layout


Table 2) BatchesToTreat is a "join entity" with the ID:s: IDf_Batch and IDf_Treatment that are related to the corresponding tables.


When a new batch is started the data for that batch is entered in the layout Batch.


When a new treatment is to be done, data for that treatment is entered in the layout Treatment.


But, when I want to enter a new treatment I also want to enter/select which batches that are treated. The information that I want to display are amongst other things, batch id, name of the crop, start date of the batch and harvest date (all stored in the table Batch).


I would prefer NOT to use a layout for the "join entity table" BatchesToTreat, but enter it all in the Treatment-layout. That means that from the Treatment layout I want to PICK batches from the table Batch.


Can I accomplish this?

How do I accomplish this?




Jonas Möller Nielsen