Integration of XML via SFTP

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I'm researching integrating a parcel service's ordering API. The service accepts parcel consignment orders as XML via SFTP.

I'm new to XML and SFTP. SO get ready for some stupid questions.


I've accessed raw XML as a text string from a Google API (I think I used 'Insert from URL', ... just checking, yep that's how I got it.)


If I need to send a parcel manifest (effectively an order for service) as an XML via SFTP:

  • Can I generate text (via calculation) and save as file type ' .xml' in some temporary folder.
  • Then can I use Base Elements Plugin 'BE_FTP_Upload' to upload the XML.
  • Is that too simple?
  • AM I missing something?
  • This is very different to a curl 'POST' right OR is it?
  • Can I use a 'Post' instead and still use SFTP?
  • Is a 'Post' a 'file transfer', I'm thinking of it more like a request.
  • This same solution is receiving orders as 'Posts' which it has to generate 'responses' to. (it's doing this via a PHP layer on a dedicated order received website) The incoming order posts contain JSON strings which seem to fulfil an equivalent function as the XML in the parcel integration, i.e. define the order for a product or service.
  • How are these two systems different or the same?