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FM Server not listening on https://<ipaddress>:16000

Question asked by ebsanford on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2016 by DonCollier

I have a new FM Server installed on a Mac Mini running El Capitan and Server 5.1. Installation seems to have finished normally, and the FMServer_Sample file is available to FMP desktops and my iPad. Further I can connect to admin-console on the "localhost" with no issues. But I am experiencing two issues of note:


(1) Even though I can connect (using Safari on the Mini) to https://localhost:16000, I cannot connect (still on the Mini) to  Nor can I connect to from any other machine on the network.


(2) When working from a FM solution on my iMac, whenever I attempt to share my updated solution to the Mini, I get a connection error. The connection dialog does find and display the server's name. But a connection error still occurs. If I manually copy the solution file to the correct folder on the server, set permissions, etc. the Mini will serve the solution across the network as expected.


As far troubleshooting, I did a port scan using the server's Network Utility.  Both ports 16000 & 16001 show open when scanning on the "localhost" address, but neither port shows open when scanning on the "" address.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!