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Populating 'Button Bar' buttons from a portal

Question asked by scoonz on Apr 23, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2016 by scoonz

For most of the week I have been racking my brain and researching how to populate the titles of the buttons in a 'Button Bar'.


Current set-up. I have three tables, the main table "Questionnaire" a one-to-many to "Questions" and from questions also a one-to-many relationship to "Answers". I have a layout based upon "Questions" with a portal to "Answers" which can be created/updated etc via the relationship between "Questions" and "Answers".


What I'm trying to achieve. The solution needs to be dynamic in that if an answer to a question changes I'm easily able to update in the portal (that works fine, all set-up). Then I'm try to link the 2 corresponding answers in the portal to the individual buttons in the "Button Bar".



So if anyone has any ideas/ best practices to solve this I'd be so very grateful!