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    Script Issues with Server Side Scripts and Perform Script on Server


      Product and version - FileMaker Server 14.0.4/


      OS and version - Windows Server 2012



      We have identified an issue that only occurs on Windows when performing server side schedules and also running a Perform Script on Server - it works fine on Mac OS X. It involves a function with the BaseElements plug-in that fails when you do the following:


      - run a server side scheduled script which performs successfully

      - subsequently call a Perform Script on Server script which fails


      In both cases it's the same script that you're calling.


      How to replicate

      We have a demo file that we can supply that you can use to reproduce this. If you host the file on FileMaker Server on the Windows platform you'll be able to reproduce this.


      Workaround (if any)

      None at this stage.