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FMGo Layout Trigger OnRecordChange Not Working, Why?

Question asked by ScottBleackley on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2016 by ScottBleackley

Same code running on Filemaker Pro Advanced OS X v 14 works, the layout changes, and on FMGo v 14 iOS it does not.

Both opening with the same default account with [ Data Entry Only ] permissions.

When a new record is selected I check one of its fields "Site Type" and adjust which layout should be displayed accordingly.


Layout Menu | Layout Setup | Script Triggers Tab | OnRecordLoad | CheckLayout Script


On OS X this works fine.
On iOS it appears that CheckLayout is not called and therefore the layout does not change.
     • I added debug statements to this script to populate a visible field "UTM Zone" and they display on OS X but not iOS

To make matters more interesting I have another script triggered by data entry of the same field "Site Type"
script: "riparian harvesting Location Tab Site Type Field" which also does not change the layout.
Looks like this script is also not triggered on iOS as none of the debug data is displayed. 
Trigger for this script is: OnObject save for Site Type Field.


Must be missing the obvious here, I hope.


Puzzled at this behaviour

Any suggestions are most welcome.


Thank you