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    Popover Button Question


      I have made a popover that contains fields and buttons. I want to be able to turn off objects that lay within the same popover as the user answers the questions via the OnObjectModify. I was unable to do this using the normal Hide Object When behavior using a field comparison on the field I wanted to hide.


      I did however have some success by setting a global variable flag using script triggers that triggered as the fields changed and buttons were clicked with my first attempt using a global variable.


      I then tried to do this exact same thing with another set of triggers and variables and it managed to HIDE one of the 3 fields but not all 3 even though they all used the same exact hide object when behavior.


      I then toggled my variable, I have watched in the data viewer so I know the value changes and then it wont REVEAL it when it should.

      I also know in theory it should work since If I close the popover and then reopen it actually has the field either hidden or shown correctly, it just wont do it at the moment the user changes the field.


      In addition during this entire time my original version of this on the same popover works every time.




      Thanks in advance.

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          And of course as soon as I post my brain goes oh yea I do have one thing different.


          Refresh window is necessary. Reason it worked in one was that one was the original one.


          And of course my brain just realized I dont even need the variable it is the Refresh that did the job.


          Time to go to sleep.


          Thanks for looking.