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Connect to Mailgun api

Question asked by on Apr 25, 2016
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I'm trying to connect to the api but seem to be having a lot of trouble. My preference is to do this using HTTPPOST via the Insert From URL script step, but I keep hitting a brick wall with the syntax. I just don't seem to be able to generate a URL it recognises, even when I revert to using BaseElements to create a custom header. I've also tried dabbling with the BBox plugin to generate code using curl or php.


Documentation for the Mailgun API seems quite good and shows examples using curl, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, C# and Go but I just keep hitting a brick wall.


This is on a Mac running OSX 10.11.4 in FM 13 or 14.


I chose Mailgun because the API is fairly simple and they are inexpensive - I looked at Amazon SES, but their API seems unnecessarily complicated.


I can con connect directly using Terminal, but I don't have much success when calling that from within FileMaker. I also thought about using PHP, but would prefer not to have to run this on server (and find someone to write the php for me).


Ultimately the goal is to send html emails, but at this stage I can't even send plain text emails.


In summary: I have domains and API keys in mailgun. I have email addresses in FileMaker. I want to use the Mailgun API to send multiple (personalised emails). I want to get the result back in FileMaker. I'd rather not use a plugin. I'm desperate to get this working, so I'd consider using a shell script or PHP, but those are really not preferred options.


Maybe I'm hoping for the impossible, or maybe I'm having a senior moment. I'd really appreciate it someone could walk me through this or can give me some pointers.


Many thanks in advance.