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    Keep Robot Alive?


      I've got a couple of "Robot" machines which run to allow some solutions to generate PDF's for WebDirect clients, and do other remote-scripting tasks, and these run great. Typically they're setup on OSX installs, and the host machine is set to log in automatically, and auto-open the relevant file(s). However, sometimes the clients may lose connection to the server, or other things may mean that Filemaker Pro is no longer running on the machine, or at least hasn't got the relevant files open.


      Does anyone out there have any procedures for managing robot machines? Ideally I'd like a way to poll the status of various robots, and flag back to me via email or whatever when a file is no longer open or responding. Extra points if there's any tools out there for me to auto-load an fmp12 file on a remote machine from my phone / web browser etc.





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          Hi James,


          I have had an email-'robot' running 24/7 that had to be stopped and started every 2:00 am so a indexing-script would be able to on the fm-server run with no records being looked.


          OSX being an unix based system I started having 2 C-shell scripts that stopped the robot before 2:00 am and started it up again at 2:30 am. All that other schedules on that fm-server were sequenced precisely for backups and other tasks so that we could use the downtime of that robot most to our advantage.


          Ok, on the robot side the C-shell scripts were first triggered by good-old cron. The C-sheel scripts would open a filemaker file containing only a script to close, wait for a periode of time check again and if it was still running try again as well. It tried 3 times and after that it issued a force quit (kill -9 ). It had to do with the plugin we used that needed to be able to close all the IMAP-conections first.

          After system 10.7 came I needed to switch to iCal calendar items that 'double-clicked' my scripts instead of sounding a beep. We lost track after 10.9 because we stopped that robot and managed our email differently, so I do not know if the iCal solution is still a valid scheduler.


          On the server side, off-course, you use the FMS-schedular.


          I had a check-email-robot script running on the server that only looked if the list of clients had the email-robot in there and would send an email if it was missing. It also was a bash shell script running from the script folder on the fm-server.


          I did not delved into a script that reboots 'robots in the missing from the list'-scenario but I think it can be done..


          I shall include some -shell scripts that run on the server as well as some that ran on the robot.




          Good luck !

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            That's awesome!


            Those scripts look like exactly what I need. Thanks so much!