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Upgraded fmp7 app to fmp12. Now using latest fmp14. App is stable and reliable locally. When accessed remotely, FileMaker Go or pc/mac, it crashes instantly on reaching PerformFind in script. Have rebuilt from scratch by copy/pasting old app and importing

Question asked by creagb on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by jormond

FMP 10 app worked reliably. Was retired several years ago. Reawakened and converted to FMP 14. Uses a tree structure to build an infinitely deep task to subtask structure. Worked well in FMP 10. In FMP 14 works well locally. When published on Internet, it works well on both FileMaker Go and Mac except for PerformFind step in script. Instant crash with zero logging. Debugger steps right up to PerformFind then instant crash.




Works exactly as written locally. Instant crash on Perform Find.