FM 14 adv - field reference in related file

Discussion created by synergy46 on Apr 26, 2016

I have a membership application.

It has Members::=>>Drama

It works.


The narrative is:

"The 'club' has members.  Members act as participants in other members 'Drama'.

I produced a report based on Drama that needs the (Drama)Participant's ::Phone when someone is a 'participant'.  As it is,  I can only get the Members::Phone which is the phone for the Candidate. (They are both members and reside in the Member's table) , but the Drama::Name is the name of the participant that is chosen from a Dropdown list of Members::Name; Michael Davis - below)


For example, for the Drama of William Hall (Phone Number 208 555-6666), Michael Davis is a participant (Phone Number 360-222-2222) .

But, on the report layout I want to include Davis's phone number; not Hall's.


The problem  is:

In the portal above, Davis is a 'Participant' for Hall's Drama.   But, when I put Members::Phone on the layout/Report

it shows the phone number for Hall 555-6666 ; not Davis.   And, if I add a new 'Drama::Phone' field, it is empty.

(Plz see "Active Member Drama Participants" window above)




So, "How do I get Davis phone number to show?  (360-222-2222 instead of Hall's number - 208 555-6666)


I have tried creating a Drama::Phone field with a lookup but that won't work.

I have tried creating a new relationship .... Drama::Phone << Members::Phone  that won't work.


In the abstract I am thinking that I need to write a script that will replace the Drama::Phone field with the Member::Phone field, but this seems really inefficient and unnecessarily complicated.  After all, Davis's phone number IS in the Members table.  I just can't reference it.


Thanks for thinking about this....


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