Script: Insert Calculated Result - Only half correct

Discussion created by LeilaRegan on Apr 26, 2016


This wasn't always an issue I'm not sure what changed to all of a sudden cause only half of this calculated result to work but here's the run down:

I have 3 calculation fields: PayPlan_1 Copy, PayPlan_2 Copy and Payment Terms Copy

The first field PP1C, basically enters a number based on a different field (example if the "terms" field is 100 All Prior this field auto-fills 100).

The second field PP2C is 100 - PP1C

The third field PTC is a text calculation base on a different field (example if the "terms" field is 100 All Prior this field calculates ALL PRIOR)

I have a script based on what these fields state. The script works fine up until there is a split value for PP1C and PP2C. When the terms are 60/40 Net 15 or 60/40 Net 30 (PP1C = 60 PP2C = 40 & PTC = NET 15 or NET 30), the calculated result reads:


"A Security Deposit is not required for this client.  Client to provide: 60% of Payment due upon Execution of Contract and 0% of Payment due 15 Days after Installment. A discount is available upon cash payment. Signed Terms & Conditions, Rental Contract, and Certificate of Insurance showing Concept Design Productions as Additional Insured."


I don't know why the PP2C is coming up as 0 in the calculated result.

Please see attached screen shots.


Thank you in advance for any help received.