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Drop-down list not functioning

Question asked by tomperr on Apr 26, 2016

Not sure why this is such a problem but trying to keep this simple before any significant content will be added.  Set up simple drop-down to select from value list pulling from established fields for only records relating to that user.  The contents show in the value list but when selected the program wants to edit contents of a field.  What I would like to do is select names from a calculated field for only the user.  The setup is as follows:

Table A -< Table B -< Table C -< future tables

Table A contains:  get(UserAccount) and a pk field

Table B contains user info and pk & fk fields

Table C contains records relating to user


The layout is based on Table C.  The value list related to drop-down contains the pk and a calc with text identifying each record.  Values are defined with show all values and show values only from 2nd field.  I have a script trigger that automatically filters records to just that user upon opening layout.


Am I basing the table on the correct layout?  Why does the program want to edit contents of a field or is this a glitch?  I am using a PC, if that matters.

Thanks for any help on this.