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Email, Collect addresses across found set question..

Question asked by Karend440 on Apr 26, 2016

Has anyone run into this?


I am not sure why this is happening with sending an email within Filemaker (14). I have a send mail setup, with embedded email addresses in both the to, and CC fields. The subject and the body of the message it's self have some text, and within also are some data from fields. (i.e. customer name, etc..) Everything works perfectly. It sets up the email, addresses are filled out, subject is there and email body with the designated field data. Opens Outlook, has the attachment - I just have to hit send. So far so good.


However, if I take this exact same script and change the "To" (addresses on the email) to "Collect addresses across found set" option - (here it would run a previous script of which email addresses I am looking for) with the TO: having the table and field in it like: EmailList:EmailAddresses - this way, it does everything the same, EXCEPT place the data fields in the body or subject. It just... leaves them off. I am not getting any errors at all. it's just omitting them completely, leaving blank spots where they should be. The email "To" field does populate correctly with the found set.


I don't see where I have any other options of changing anything to get them to appear.. has anyone seen this before?

It's pretty strange.