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    Adding + sign preffix


      Hello everyone!


      Needless to say I need help.


      As an optometrist I'm looking to integrate filemaker in my daily workflow for tracking of patients records and ran into a problem.


      So hear me out...


      I'm trying to make field that will add "+" sign before entered nubmer if the field is greater than 0.


      This is the first time I'll be using custom functions so be patient with me

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          Add a plus sign in text before the number field and set the text object to "Hive object when:" the value in the field is <0.

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            Were you reffering to HIDE object when or HIVE object when?

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              I'm sure it was a typo.   The site lags sometimes, and just human error,  I proof read my own mistakes and still miss some items, it happens when you read / answer several post. 


              I would use value < 1 to hide, I consider 0 even and below zero a negative.  What works best for you.

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                Ok, I get it.


                But that's not what I want actually...


                I want FileMaker to add preffix when I type the number.


                Something like this:


                I enter "2", FileMaker populates that field with "+2.00"


                Only one thing is missing, that plus sign.

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                  format as "currency" and use "+" instead of "$"?


                  you can show nothing if the field is 0


                  I guess the question is display or change field? If the value needs to "appear" only, then use the number format.


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                    Nice approach but still not what I'm looking for because I need a field for dioptres. So when type "-2" in the result should be "-2.00" and when I enter "+2" result should be "+2.00"


                    With your aproach my negative numbers are listed as "+-2.00"

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                      Try using an auto replace calculation, so that when the data is entered it is immediately replaced with the formatted version. Something like:

                      Let ( [

                         rawData = Self  //this will be whatever is entered by the user

                        ; decimals = ".00" //you might need extra conditions if other than .00 is possible

                        ; formatted = filtered & decimals  //this concatenates the above two lines

                      ] ;

                      formatted  //this is the result in the field



                      To use this approach you must make sure you uncheck "Do not replace existing value" for the auto enter option.

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                        thanks, more info provided. I might make a text field with auto-enter and have it as the display, so that the number field can be used for entry. Auto-enter with the desired formatting using build-in functions.


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                          I just made a test database: I created two fields in a table, a number field and a text field. The number field options was set to validate Strict Data Type: Numeric Only. If I type +33 in the field, this is acceptable as a number. This is one way to go, without any handling of the data. I admit that entering + in a number field is not natural, but since optometrist will use the solution, that may do it.


                          If not, you may attach  a script on OnObjectScript for that field that would add a + if the number is positive and a + is not the first character.