Custom Dialogue on FM Go 14

Discussion created by jwaldridge on Apr 26, 2016
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Ok So I have  a layout that goes something like this


Customers/ Customer Details/ Customer Buildings


Everything is linked through a customer #. 


What I am Trying to do is when the click New Building a dialogue box comes up that asked them if the copied the customer Number.  If the Say Yes it will prompt them to enter it.  once the enter Customer Number and say OK it will take them to the Building page and create a new record If they hit NO then the dialogue will close and they will remain on the same page.


Another option which I could not figure out was to have a script that copied the Customer:Customer # and then pasted it into the Building:Customer #.


Long story Short i am trying to make it idiot proof so they don't find themselves on a page without the info the need to create it.


Any ideas