Google Charts in WebViewer

Discussion created by markpelleymounter on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by IsaacSato

Good morning all,


I am currently in the process of designing a business dashboard and would like to utilise Google Charts, which I am doing via a webviewer.


One I have chosen to use is the Gauge chart, however, I have run into a problem which I am hoping someone can assist with.


If I open the file in FM12 or 13, it displays fine, but in FM14 on my desktop, the fonts are all messed up. If I open it on my laptop with FM14, the fonts are different again. There is no font selection options that I can see with the API for google charts.


Clearly it is some setting on how webviewer within FileMaker renders the text but I cannot find any settings to be able to alter them.


See attached image for example