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    Function - Chooseble list


      Hi everyone.. =)


      Am trying to create a chooseble list, the list is created by historical chooses. (last counple of created records).

      today i only have it a normal text field.

      The format is following:

      Date :    "Start ID" --> "End ID"

      Example: "2016-04-27:   0001 --> 0010"


      now i need to be able to choose from the list by clicking and then the text is broken down in to 2 fields.. Start ID and End ID. so the user can edit the records. But its just the click option i can create :/ dont know how :/ i have seen it been done, but never done myself.


      Enyone who can easly show me an example or maby tell me how ? =)

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          The basic idea could be:


          Let ( [

             input = "2016-04-27:   0001 --> 0010" ;  // your selection field

             inputList = Substitute input ; [ ":" ; ¶ ] ; [ "-->" ; ¶ ] ) ;

             ID1 = Trim ( GetValue ( inputList ; 2 ) ) ;

             ID2 = Trim ( GetValue ( inputList ; 3 ) )

            ] ;

          "Choose the desired variable as return value"


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            But thats for breaking the text down right ?

            But how and what kind of feel to i show my list in ? and how do i make it be able to click on it and choose ?


            In my field i have, lets say 5 lines:


            2016-04-01:   0001 --> 0010

            2016-04-08:   0011 --> 0020

            2016-04-10:   0021 --> 0030

            2016-04-12:   0031 --> 0035

            2016-04-15:   0035 --> 0100


            And i need to choose line 3.. 2016-04-10 one. Today this is showing in a normal text field, and if i click it i choose it all.

            I need to have it work like a portal. is that possible ?

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              Stigge wrote:

              I need to have it work like a portal. is that possible ?

              Then why not use a related (History) table in the first place? Then you could do this:


              ContextTable x History = Data


              where the relationship between History and Data is driven by global field(s) that you set via selection of a History record in a portal displayed on ContextTable. Display a portal into Data on the layout – that's the selection


              Having said that, take a look into the attached sample file.

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                Hi Erolst


                well thats always an option, didnt really think about that since the importency isnt that high. but only a nice helpeble option.

                Read your file, super thank you !!


                Only question i have about it is that the fields are global in my table.. And to create the list from it, it gives me an msg saying that it cant be indexed.

                Is there any way around that ?

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                  As a workaround, you could create a one-record table with just one text field in which to store the values. Define the value list based on that field.


                  But as I mentioned, storing history entries in a table gives you much more possibilities.