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Function - Chooseble list

Question asked by Stigge on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by erolst

Hi everyone.. =)


Am trying to create a chooseble list, the list is created by historical chooses. (last counple of created records).

today i only have it a normal text field.

The format is following:

Date :    "Start ID" --> "End ID"

Example: "2016-04-27:   0001 --> 0010"


now i need to be able to choose from the list by clicking and then the text is broken down in to 2 fields.. Start ID and End ID. so the user can edit the records. But its just the click option i can create :/ dont know how :/ i have seen it been done, but never done myself.


Enyone who can easly show me an example or maby tell me how ? =)