Blog [FileMaker Hacks] Virtual List Reporting, part 1

Discussion created by beverly Expert on Apr 27, 2016

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In case you aren’t already familiar with virtual lists, in a nutshell, you create a special utility table in your solution, and pre-populate it with “more records than you’ll ever need” (there are 10,000 in today’s demo). The records in this table will derive their data “virtually”, by reading it from some sort of array… typically, one or more variables....


There are various ways to implement virtual list reporting, a.k.a. VLR, and today we’re going to concentrate on one particular approach that has worked well for me recently. Specifically, we’re going to use the Multi-Find technique to summarize values from Sales Data and Web Visits, and push that data into $variables, or, more accurately, $variables[withReps], which will be parsed by an unstored repeating calculation in the virtual list table… with table columns corresponding to individual named $vars, and table rows corresponding to $var[repNumbers].


If you’re already familiar with the virtual list technique the preceding paragraphs probably make at least some degree of sense; if you aren’t and/or they don’t, don’t worry, things should become clearer as we explore the examples.