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Interactive content not showing, causing security message

Question asked by hehazelhorst on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by hehazelhorst

I am experiencing a nasty problem with a Filemaker Server running on Windows Server 2012R2. PDF s that are stored in a container field (using in-file storage or using managed storage a.k.a. remote containers) are not displayed on the client.


Instead, either one of two things happen:


1 on FMPA14 running on Terminal Server (Windows), an error displays 'Security settings do not allow downloading this file' (or something similar, the message is in Dutch). The dialog doesn't display a FileMaker icon, only a yellow warning sign (Windows?). The Terminal server session has Acrobat Reader DC installed, which can open the PDF meaning the PDFs are OK. Opening the FMP database with the FMPA off-line will display the PDF, both stored 'in file' and as Remote Container, as expected.


2 on FMP14 running on a normal Windows workstation, the PDF is opened in Adobe Acrobat in a separate window instead of being displayed in the container field. This is not a desired behavior, as the application must display the PDF side by side with other content on one layout.


We checked ports 80, 443, 16000 and 16001 being blocked on the Firewall (clients and server are within the same LAN). PNG and JPG will display OK, and the PDFs are stored properly, so it seems. I tried importing them manually (drag and drop and via the insert menu ) and with insert PDF..., no difference. All settings (Define database > container settings, Manage > containers, field property in the inspector) are checked and OK.


NB it looks as if the server process that is taking care of streaming content (Tomcat server) is not allowed to do so, and that on a normal workstation (case 2 as mentioned before), the container field is treated as a webviewer.


Where is this security message coming from?

Could it be a problem with Windows Server 2012 not allowing Tomcat Server to run? And if so, what can I do to fix this?