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    Context for Self Join


      I have a data table - UTILIZATION - that holds utilization metrics for our software.


      Each record holds utilization info about a specific customer.  We have multiple versions of our product so the version a customer is using is stored in a field, Version. A global field - g_version is formatted as a checkbox set which allows the Version field to hold more than one version of our product.


      A self join TO  matches when the values in the base table::g_version = Join::version.


      I want to find records that meet additional find criteria.


      Should the layout / context be based on the base table,or the self join TO ?


      When entering the search criteria, should I be searching fields in base table or the self join TO?


      This is an on-going struggle to fully understand context. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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          How do you want to see the found set?

          In portal, you can't "find" with additional criteria. Find is done on base table of layout. To decrease found set in portal, you need additional "relation condition" or "portal filter".

          In list view, you can use layout based on any of "base table" or "TO" in "Go to related records". So "base table" may be used usually, so that no need to make another layout on "TO", or can "Go to related records" again on the layout.