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    Copy a summary field to a different table


      I have a summary field that I need to "copy over" to a join table and I can't seem to figure it out.

      I have 4 tables...




      account_period (1 record to many audits)

      Audit (summary of many different policy's to make 1 audit summary)


      join_table which joins the audit summary to the policy's


      How do I get the summary from the Audit table into the join table?

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          Since summary fields also can summarize a related set, you should be able to simply go to an appropriate JoinTable record and use this script step


          Set Field [ JoinTable::summarizedValue ; Audit::sSomeTotal ]


          Should that for some reason not work for some reason (e.g. because I did not understand your structure), read the summary value into a variable (Set Variable[]), go to the appropriate JoinTable record and write the value (Set Field[]).


          PS: No offence, but this is painful to the eyes:

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