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    Tabulators do not work properly on fields since FMP12 (maybe earlier)


      Product and version FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 and long before

      OS and version OS X, current and others before

      Hardware MBP 2009


      If trying to assign multiple Tabulator entries to a field (Inspector) It fails usually.

      - numbers (Tab position) changing back or to another value after entering

      - alignment (left, right, etc) changing back

      - if some tabs had been entered the position and alignments of the field object doesn't correspond to the values entered in the inspector


      How to replicate

      1. create a text field or a calculation field (text) or a button bar with text and tabs entered

      2. Enter some text into the field or formula, separated with some tabulator stops (alt-tab) between the text

      3. enter Layout Mode

      4. change the width of the field to a high value

      5. select the field object or other object containing rendered text (do not use simple placeholder text-objects)

      6. try to enter some tabs in the Inspector (Appearence->Tabs) and their alignments

      7. IF you eventually got set those tabs properly: try to change them.


      Workaround do not use tabs on field objects or button bars