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    "Resize to smallest height"does not work on enlarged, rotated text objects


      Resize to smallest height does not work on rotated text objects which have <TextObj flags="2">

      (that is text objects that have been stretched to a fixed size and do not change their size when formatting, e.g. bold is applied


      Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.37.44.png


      1. Create some identical text objects
      2. Pull the bottom left corner of one of them to make it a bit wider and higher (so that it does not change size when you apply bold formatting)
      3. rotate the objects once or thrice.
      4. Add a third object which is not so tall as the others
      5. Select all objects and select Resize to smallest height


      expected result => ALL objects resize to smallest height

      actual result => text objects that have been rotated and changed in size do NOT resize. (In the picture the red objects)


      Note: upside-down text does not suffer from this problem


      Seems to be an error introduced in FileMaker 12 (since the change in behavior of expanded text object (i.e. TextObj flag=2) and present in ALL versions since then.