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    Scripts don't work since converting to 14


      I have been using Filemaker Pro for at least 10 years and probably longer.  I looking for assistance and willing to pay money or trade for wine. 


      I have two problems with the same database that no longer works since I’ve upgraded to 14. I think they are both simple problems, but I can’t figure out a solution to make it work.  I would like to just get one of these problems solved so it would work right now. 


      I have a database with 300 names.  I have a script that no longer does what I request.   What I want to do is send an email to each of my Wine Judges to tell them the dates of the next competition.  I also want to send them a pdf of their application sheet (it would be nice if they could update this application online, but that is for the another time).  Right now, I just want to send them this form which they can print, scan and send back to me. 


      The pdf does get copied and placed into a folder (no problem, just like it’s suppose to do).  But it won’t attach that pdf to the email.   Here is the script:



      Can anyone assist me?  I live in the Sacramento/Lodi area. 


      G.M. “Pooch” Pucilowski



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          The pdf is stored to a filename and not to a filepath, If you create a full path to the file it should work.

          second, what might affect things is that you use restricted values in your table name, I would rename the table from *COREJudges2015 to COREJudges2015, saves a lot of extra brackets :-)


          Hope that helps,



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            Thank you so much for responding!  I am really appreciative.  I don’t know how to write scripts, but I managed to change everything to what you suggested — I think. Thank you.  But when I went to test the emails it gave me an error message that says:


            “test G.M. Pucilowski.pdf” could not be created on this disk.  Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk. 


            It was the same message on all 4 tests that I tried (except the name in the quotation marks).  I have always called the file on my disk: temp   I tried changing the name to tempname and temppath, but that didn’t work either.  It’s strange since that was the one thing that always worked.  I could always make a pdf, I just couldn’t attach it. 


            I have attached the script as you suggested I changed it.




            If I might be so bold to ask another question?  When I send out 300 of these emails, most of the time the judges respond with a quick “can’t make it” or “yes, count me in.”  Most of the time they don’t send back this application.  Except for the email address, I really don’t know which judge responded.  Is there any way in the body of the email that I can put the judges first and last name, so that when they respond, I know who it is? 


            ALSO, I hope you receive this email.  For the life of me, I spent 45 minutes on how to respond to your response in Filemaker Community.  I couldn’t find anything or anywhere to respond.  It would not even allow me to give you 5 stars.  I just took a chance that there would be a response in my emails and thank goodness there was — I hope?!


            Finally, do you happen to live in California or a state that can receive wines from outside your state?  Do you even drink wine?  I would like to thank you for your assistance and figure out some way to send you a few bottles of wine to thank you. 



            G.M. "Pooch" Pucilowski

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