can we get something done about this frustrating behaviour

Discussion created by jrenfrew Expert on Apr 27, 2016
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While working on files on my test server IN MY OWN OFFICE I might have connected back via the domain name attached to the server.

And the file is often one that is hidden.


If I then use a local file to access something which uses the IP address then FMS thinks there are TWO copies of my FMPA software running. Well that's because despite having a VLA for my internal FMP users, each FMPA licence is single.

This also happens when my machine decides to connect via the wireless all of a sudden rather than the LAN, which in my case are two completely dfifferent IP ranges.


OK. I can live with that

What, however, is the most ridiculous piece of behaviour is the following dialogue does not give the the 'oh yes cancel I forgot, I am stupid button' the ONLY option here is that all my other work - which is half completed is effectively nullified - like the undos on the layouts I was working on, because ALL my open files will now close.


This is an archaic anachronism, belonging in some long-past era. Nothing gracious, gentlemanly or remotely civilised.



FM Inc - - get this removed please.

And while you are at it please correct the grammar. This is FMPA so the maximum number of users IS currently using this copy if FileMaker


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