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ros/cons of sharing data w/ .tab files instead of FMPro files.

Question asked by mramsay21104 on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by mramsay21104

What are the pros and cons of sharing data using .tab files in a shared folder instead of an FMPro file? Users would import data from the .tab file at start of their sessions, and export to it and end. This would work if people follow some administrative procedures to prevent over-writing the same records. I envision this would be feasible in an office. I believe these would be the Pros:

  1. Can share this data with runtime solutions, which means FM Pro isn't needed. 
  2. Eliminates chance of two users opening an FMP file at same time and risking its corruption.
  3. The users import and export from this networked flat file,  access taking just milliseconds, so delays would be minimal.
  4. It shouldn't be susceptible to corruption by backup software.



1)  can't save anything but alphanumeric data. 

2) Can't utilize privilege sets to partition .tab data.  (end p's and c's).

3) Co-workers have to follow administrative controls, i. e. independent sets of data have to be assigned to single individuals.


I request advice about the robustness of Windows and Mac machines preventing simultaneous editing of files, and whether co-workers could manage with limitations of Con#3.  Thanks!