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Number Field Accepting Only One Digit

Question asked by iking42 on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by iking42

I am running Filemaker Pro Advanced 14.0.5. Windows 10 Pro, Intel 2.4 dual core, 8 GB ram, 64 Bit, x64 based processor.


I have a very simple data base with a  simple data entry number field, "Actual Cost" aligned left, Arial 12, set to Currency, Fixed decimals 2, Use thousands separation.


This field only accepts one character period. Each number entered replaces the previous entry leaving only the last number in the field when data entry is completed. Date field in same table has a similar problem throwing an error message with each key stroke but with numerous continues, a date can be entered. The number field throws no error messages. Just replaces previous entry with the new entry. All number fields in the program are exhibiting the same strange behavior. I generated a distributable copy and the problem also exist in the resulting file.


The fields were working as expected when the data base was constructed.

I have recovered the file. No problems found.

I have deleted and replaced the fields with new fields. Problem returns.

I have renamed the fields with no results

I have saved the file to a new file name. No help.


Can anyone tell me where I am missing the boat and what I need to do to fix it?